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Welcome to Simply WordPress's developer page. Here you can see our family of plugins we custom created to make your life easier! With every plugin we have included our "simply-secured" service which helps protect your website from threats. We are professional programmers who simply love Wordpress and can't wait to make a custom designed plugin for you!

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Why us?

We are a team of individual programmers that have been making Wordpress plugins for years. Wordpress is a wonderful platform that can be completely customized. Our plugins have a high degree of compatibility and up-time. Every plugin comes with our simply-secured service which protects your site from threats. Please feel free to browse our plugin selection. Want something custom made? Contact us here.

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Every Great Idea

Started somewhere. Make your's happen today at an affordable cost. Give your customers the user experience they deserve.


Developer Giving you the run around?

Not with us. Clear time-tables and communication during the whole development process. Hire a team not a guy working in his mom's basement.


Advanced Functionality

Our programmers can code in all major front end and back-end languages. We aren't limited in what we can do for your site. Inquire today!

Our Plugins:


Our very popular brute force stopper, anti-spam super hero!

Social Exchange

Get rewarded for your awesome content. Boost your social metrics since there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Human Captcha

Because a machine can’t think like a human. At least not yet…

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