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Kajira's Story My life as a consensual slave

    While this blog does not contain nudity or pornography, it does discuss an alternative lifestyle and is thus meant for mature audiences. If you are not 18, please depart forthwith. Let me start off by saying that although this blog is called Kajira's Story, I am not a Gorean slave. My life shares many similarities…

About the real life kajira thereallifekajira

    About the real life kajira This girl was brought to Gor by her Master in 2013. It is a funny story how it all happened and she has chronicled it in as much detail as she could in her first post entitled, “My arrival on Gor”.

thereallifekajira As close to the Counter Earth, Gor as ...

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Serenity on my knees the life of a Kajira in His service

    Last night my Master seemed to have randomly turned our interactions up to 11. Right off the dial. W/we had watched a movie and then when He went to put me to bed (i have my own bedroom) He laid beside me and brought out something fro the very beginning of our relationship that hadn’t be done in a very long time.

kajira – The Sub Space Diaries

    Posted on October 8, 2015 October 8, 2015 Categories courtesan, gorean, kajira, ritual, slave poses Tags bdsm, bondage, consensual sex slave, courtesan, erotica, gorean, kajira, sex ritual 3 Comments on Getting in Touch with my Inner Kajira The Master Appears

"La Kajira!" - Diary of a Slave Just another WordPress ...

    Just another WordPress.com weblog. Home; About “La Kajira!” – Diary of a Slave Just another WordPress.com weblog. Feeds: Posts Comments. ... SHe instructed me to find her by the kajira statue. I went, and soon all the other kajirae showed up, along with a Master, who I …

Gorean mantra Master Blackcelt's lkajira

    Jan 23, 2009 · For as many Gorean Masters that exist, there are it seems many mantras and other things that a kajira has to learn, Master. Each Gorean Master is different, some following the Gorean books to the letter and others following the philosophies, all of which are as old as time itself, used in a series of books about Gor that spoke for those of U/us who share these …

Gorean La Kajira Sefa

    Nov 08, 2014 · After two weeks of silence, the little kajira was very overwhelmed at her needs and desire to please Men. Sitting in the room and twirling locks of her onyx hair as she gazed at the gash on her eye from her escape, she heard loud voices downstairs again. Placing her ear to the floor quickly, she listened in hopes her Master had returned.

Kajira - twowhoresandablog Just another WordPress.com site

    This blog post represents a more by the book kajira look. The designer is named Cristine Easterling who owns the store simply names *SLAVE*. Her designs consists of many silks and slave wear items for your daily gorean needs!

svarmani.wordpress.com - a kajira's journey in Gor

    a kajira's journey in Gor

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