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Set The Media Thumbnail Kaltura Knowledge Center

    Kaltura Video Plugin for WordPress. Persona Guides. Workflows. FAQ. Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint. Persona Guides. ... Select one thumbnail from ten automatically generated thumbnails of the selected video and set it as the default thumbnail. Download a thumbnail to back up your current thumbnail.

How to Set a Thumbnail - Kaltura Learning

    By default, the third second of the media frame is set as the Thumbnail.In this video we will demonstrate how to replace the thumbnail of your media by selecting a different frame form the media playback or by uploading a new image from your desktop.

Kaltura Video Thumbnail and Image Transformation API ...

    The Kaltura API provides a special thumbnail service, aimed at simplifying the creation of thumbnails on-the-fly from video and image entries. (To see the static thumbnail assets management API refer to the thumbAsset. The Thumbnail API provides simple means to dynamically transform (change size, cropping, etc.) image entries, and to generate ...

Kaltura Learning - Help page

    How can I change the thumbnail? Locate the video you wish to set a thumbnail for. Select the Edit icon in the upper right corner. Select the thumbnails tab. Choose an option for adding a thumbnail to the video: Upload Thumbnail: Upload a thumbnail from your desktop and use it as the default thumbnail.

GitHub - kaltura/all-in-one-video-pack.wordpress: A ...

    Kaltura All-in-One Video Plugin for WordPress Easily add full video capabilities to your blog Description. This is not just another video embed tool - it includes every functionality you might need for video and rich-media, including the ability to create videos and publish them directly to your post, centrally manage and track your video content.

Kaltura Player - Fast, Flexible, Video Player Toolkit ...

    Kaltura is the world's first Open Source Online Video Platform, providing both enterprise level commercial software and services, fully supported and maintained by Kaltura, as well as free open-source community supported solutions, for video …

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