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How to Enable Keep-Alive in WordPress to Speed up Your Site

    Jul 12, 2017 · Keep-Alive is a technique to let one TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection to access multiple files from server to web browser instead of creating new connection for every new request (file). Keep-Alive also known as …

How to Enable Keep-Alive in WordPress - WordPress Support ...

    Jul 05, 2020 · How to Enable Keep-Alive in WordPress Well, most of the time, Keep-Alive gets automatically enabled on the web servers. But in some cases, you’ve to do that manually. In order to activate the keep alive, you have to add the following code …

Enable Keep-Alive Problem WordPress.org

    [This thread is closed.] Hi, I am facing this type of problem while check website speed using gtmetrix. Enable Keep-Alive Problem to decrease my…

Enable Keep-Alive to speed up your website

    Whether you run a Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla website or any other type of CMS, the easiest way to enable HTTP keep-alive connections is through editing the.htaccess file but you can also do it through server side access (you need access to your server or droplet for this). Look below for the.htaccess way. Editing the.htaccess file

Enable Keep-Alive Status is OFF ... - wordpress.org

    “Sometimes you may not see a Keep-alive header for a particular URL. This does not mean that “keep-alive” is off. To troubleshoot this you may turn off Smart Keep-Alive and increase the value of the Max Keep-Alive Requests setting. Sometimes a PHP external application “Soft Limit” may also limit “keep-alive” connections.

Enable Keep Alive - WP Rocket Knowledge Base

    Enable Keep Alive Apache. There are two options for enabling Keep Alive on Apache.. A Via your Apache configuration file on your server; simply add: . KeepAlive On. You can ask your webhost if they can do this for you. Your server will have to be re-started after adding this.

how to enable KeepAlive connections in apache nginx wordpress

    keep alive connections between browser and server for a certain amount of time seconds, defined amount of connections. so server don’t need to establish a connection upon refreshing webpage in browser. so we save CPU resources. faster loading for client.

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