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Color Coded Korean Lyrics

    Newest Lyrics. 4minute – Hot Issue (English) 4Minute – Muzik (English) Girl’s Day – 잘해줘봐야 (Nothing Lasts Forever) 5dolls – 잘났어 (Good For You) 5dolls – 거기 잠깐 Wait A Minute; 5Dolls – 쭈르르르르 (Trickle/Jjureureureureu) B2ST/BEAST – Though I Call (불러보지만) B2ST/BEAST – You; B2ST/BEAST – Freeze

Korean Lyrics New Korean Roman / Hangul Song Lyrics

    New Korean Roman / Hangul Song Lyrics. Hangul. 언제나 같은 꿈에 낯선 얼굴을 하고 멈춰진 시간 속에

KOREAN – twiterms lyrics

    K-POP IDOLS 1TYM 2AM (band) 2NB 2NE1 2PM 2Yoon 4L (band) 4Men 4Minute 4Ten 5urprise 8Eight 15& 24Hours (band) 24K (band) 100% (band) 2000 Won A A-Jax (band) A.cian After School (band) Akdong Musician Almeng AOA (group) AOA Cream Apink April (band) As One (musical duo) Astro (South Korean band) B B.A.P (South Korean band)…

Site For The Latest Korean Music Album Lyrics Stop ...

    Stop, Listen & Sing, RomanizKPOP Update The Lyrics Everyday

Happy Birthday Song in Korean Lyrics – Heavenly Heavens

    Oct 22, 2013 · More courageous than a lion, happy birthday to you. 생일 축하합니다 생일 축하합니다. saeng-il chukha-hamnida saeng-il chukha-hamnida. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. 꽃다운 내 친구야 굴고깁게 살아요. kkotdaun nae chin-gu ya, gulgogibge sarayo. My friend who is similar to a flower. May you have longevity.

SNSD – Gee (Korean Version) All About Girls Generation

    A fool that knows you, only you. Yes, as I look at you~~. So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no. So surprised surprised I’m shocked oh oh oh oh oh. So tingly tingly my body is trembling gee gee gee gee gee. Oh glittering eyes (oh yeah~) Oh sweet aroma (oh yeah yeah yeah~) Oh so so pretty.

yourkorean from lyrics, writing, photography, to blogging

    from lyrics, writing, photography, to blogging. I am here to give you some words of advice: please do not try to learn two languages at the same time.It also reaaaally doesn’t help if you’ve lost interest in one of the two languages.

muish's ramblings…

    Thank you so much for explaining many of the Korean expressions and images in BTS songs for international fans like me. Usually after reading the English translation of their lyrics, I was already surprised and touched, but after reading your …

neol saranghagesseo All About Korean Lyrics

    Shilkeot Ureobwa Gaji Ma Neol Kkeutkkaji Jiwonaenda. Give It To My Why, Listen To My Why, Jebal Nareul Dorabwa. Give It To My Why, Daedaphae Naege Wae Ireoneunji Mareul Haebwa Oh Yeah. Oh, Oho, Oh, Oho, That’s Alright. Oh, Oho, Oh, Oho, Nae Mami Muneojyeoga. Oh, Oho, Oh, Oho, MBLAQ.

[Rom + Eng] RESIGNATION C.H.I - C.H.I I'm so sick of ...

    Jan 15, 2011 · His voice is so touching and the way he sings remind me a girl =] RESIGNATION. Heng bok heh ssuh, nuh wah yeh shi gan deul, ah mah doh, nuh neun him deul uh ggetji. Nuh yeh maheum eul molla ddun gun ahneeyah, nah doh neuk kyuh ssuht ji man.

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