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queer hellogendercat

    I am writing today to tender my resignation. I cannot identify as a man in any binary sense anymore. After several years of observation, research, and thought, the conclusion I’ve arrived at is being a man is defined only by what it is not.

LGBTQAI* hellogendercat

    Posts about LGBTQAI* written by hellogendercat. Alright, People of the Internet, I gotta get something off my chest. If you’re going to write about queer community, especially if you’re trying to call out bullshit happening within it, I implore you to CHECK YOUR SELECTION BIAS. There isn’t one vast, nation-wide Queer Community or Culture.

Paradoxcat Random Writing and Stuff

    “Oh shit oh shit oh shit!” The gingerhaired catgirl cursed as she dropped packages everywhere, trying to open the door with one hand, and gesture wildly with the other to negate the banishing spell on the front door set to ward off strangers and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

From the Point of View of Two Cats – “If cats looked like ...

    The Castle in the Sky (1986) After the publication of Jude the Obscure in 1895 Thomas Hardy stopped writing novels. He lived until 1928, but never published another. Instead, to the bafflement of critics to this day, he dedicated the rest of his life to writing and publishing poetry.

catwilliamsmonardes – Teaching and Composing with Cat

    Nov 03, 2019 · In A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, Laura Micciche has a chapter on feminist composition pedagogy.In this chapter, she discusses an assignment designed by composition instructor and trans theorist Jonathan Alexander*. Here’s what she says about Alexander’s assignment, which is designed to give students a broader, more complex understanding of …

Nigella … – … one cat's journey.

    I do not know what Kaz is thinking sometimes. Take today. She was in the bedroom doing the Trivia Quiz with Sooz – who had already beaten her in working out the 9-letter Target word – violently – that was the word not how she did it.

Introduction – theradicalcat

    Aug 21, 2017 · Hey, I'm Bailey. I also go by Leeann. I'm 18 years old, and I live in California. I usually identify as queer, because I identify as so many other things; bisexual, poly romantic, and gender fluid. I don't really want to be considered "special" or …

Who’s she? – The Bonny Cat

    Oct 22, 2017 · Queer air brims once again. The zone around me starts to become dusky. The fatal smoke consistently got into my nose. I see a lady coming. She's near yet I can't see her clearly. She's somewhat a shadow. Sort of hiding her face, her soul, her everything. She stopped walking. Stiff and weak she stood.…

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