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Using Quercus® to Run the WordPress PHP Nam Nguyen ...

    scripting languages implemented in Java, including PHP. Quercus, Caucho Technology's 100% Java implementation of PHP, is a fast scripting engine that runs both existing PHP applications as well custom code that combines Java and PHP together. Using these features, Caucho Engineer Nam Nguyen modified the popular WordPress PHP blogging

Caucho Resin : Reliable, Open-Source Application Server

    Quercus is Caucho Technology's 100% Java implementation of PHP 5 released under the Open Source GPL license. Quercus comes with many PHP modules and extensions like PDF, PDO, MySQL, and JSON. Quercus allows for tight integration of Java services with PHP scripts, so using PHP with JMS or Grails is a quick and painless endeavor.

Deploying WordPress with Quercus Change(b)Log

    Jan 12, 2015 · Quercus is a PHP implementation written in Java. By using it, you can even deploy WordPress on a Java EE web application server, but its author Caucho Technology provides little information about how to do it. This post tries to provide the missing information for new users. Getting Quercus and WordPress First, you must get…

Quercus: PHP in Java

    Quercus and Quercus' PHP libraries are written entirely in Java, thereby taking the advantages of Java applications and infusing them into PHP. PHP applications running on Quercus are simply faster, easier to develop, more capable, more secure, and more scalable than any other PHP solution. Quercus gives both Java and PHP developers a fast, safe, and powerful alternative to the standard PHP …

StackOverflowError by using Wordpress 4.0 on Quercus

    i want to use Wordpress on an applicationserver (Tomcat or JBoss, doesn't matter what version) with Quercus. Installation and configuration with the mysql database works fine. But when i …

Installing Wordpress on J2EE app serveer (Apache Tomcat ...

    Jul 03, 2014 · Step 1: Download wordpress – cd /opt/server/apache-tomcat-8.0.9/webapps/blog/ wget http://wordpress.org/latest.zip unzip latest.zip rm -f latest.zip mv -f wordpress/* ./ This installs wordpress in the blog directory. Note that we have overridden the quercus index.php file. The next step is to configure wordpress. We will be using mysql.

PHP Plugin - Grails

    Java-PHP integration features provided by Quercus, refer to docs; In any php page, servlet request and session are available; In any php page, you could use any Java class; Create your Wordpress blog in 15 mins You may create a weblog in 15 minutes with Rails or Grails, but no one will think your blog is professional! Spend the 15 mins to get your Wordpress instead. :-) …

PHP for Beginners: Starting on Backend WordPress ...

    Jan 08, 2019 · Using PHP in WordPress: Useful for Everyone, Necessary for Developers. You don’t really need to ever write PHP code as a WordPress user, WordPress business owner, etc.A minority of the people who use WordPress on a daily basis even know what PHP is, never mind know how to write code in it.

How To Update PHP Version in WordPress - 2 Easy Steps ...

    Nov 13, 2020 · WordPress was built on PHP, a server-side scripting language. WordPress has undergone several updates ever since the very first version – also has PHP. What that means is that if you run the latest version of WordPress on an outdated PHP version, you are very likely to run into problems.

Beginner's Guide to PHP for WordPress - Part 1 of 3 ...

    Jun 01, 2015 · A PHP file is simply a file that ends with .php. Some PHP files contain only PHP code and some contain a combination of PHP and HTML code. WordPress has a few different types of PHP files: Core files – usually contain only PHP code and are not files that you should edit since that may break your WordPress install.

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