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wp_ajax_query_attachments() Function WordPress ...

    wp_ajax_query_attachments () Ajax handler for querying attachments.

wp_edit_attachments_query() Function WordPress ...

    wp_edit_attachments_query (arrayfalse $q = false) Executes a query for attachments. An array of WP_Query arguments can be passed in, which will override the arguments set by this function.

wp_edit_attachments_query_vars() Function WordPress ...

    wp_edit_attachments_query_vars (arrayfalse $q = false) Get the query variables for the current attachments request.

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    ‘attachment‘ – an attachment. Whilst the default WP_Query post_status is ‘publish’, attachments have a default post_status of ‘inherit’. This means no attachments will be returned unless you also explicitly set post_status to ‘inherit’ or ‘any’.

Wordpress: query attachments of parent page if attachments ...

    Wordpress: query attachments of parent page if attachments of current page are smaller than ..Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com...

High Number of ‘query-attachments’ WordPress.org

    query[post__in][]: action:query-attachments. On initially entering the editing of the page we see 3 or 4 identical calls to this method, but for some users this can spike to up to 40 (these seem to be users on lower bandwidth). We are running WordPress 4.8.3, ACF PRO 5.6.5, Yoast Premium 5.4 and version 2.0.1 of this plugin.

wp query - Broken? WP_Query and "attachment" as a post ...

    Looking at the query it generates, it does appear to be a bug of sorts. 'status' => 'inherit' is interpreted as the parent's status, when the entry in the db for the attachment is literally 'inherit'. An alternative is to use get_children in place of WP_Query.

wp_get_attachment_image() Function WordPress Developer ...

    wp_get_attachment_image ($attachment_id, $size, $icon, $attr); If the attachment is an image, the function returns an image at the specified size. For other attachments, the function returns a media …

WP_Query Arguments: Posts, Pages and Post Types

    By default WordPress will query for the 'post' post type and not return pages or custom post types—if you want to do this you'll need to add more arguments or use a different argument, which I'll come to later in this tutorial. So, to return a specific post you would use one of these: 1 2

WordPress: Display all images/attachments attached to page ...

    Feb 06, 2018 · As mentioned by Jason in the comments, you might want to display all images attached to your WordPress page/post as a list of links, with the link opening up the fullsize image. In the echo statement above, just replace wp_get_attachment_image with wp_get_attachment_link. (WordPress codex for wp_get_attachment_link) Exclude Featured Image

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