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Query posts only with featured image - WordPress ...

    If you do not, the posts will still have a featured image set, but the attachment they refer to will be invalid, and any attempt to call the_post_thumbnail will fail. Using your code you would get just the post title, and no thumbnail. ... As of WordPress 3.5, the Meta Query Parameters support EXISTS and NOT EXISTS as compare operators.

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    $query = new WP_Query( array( 'category_name' => 'staff,news' ) ); Display posts that have “all” of these categories: $query = new WP_Query( array( 'category_name' => 'staff+news' ) ); Display all posts except those from a category by prefixing its id with a ‘-‘ (minus) sign. $query = new WP_Query( array( 'cat' => '-12,-34,-56' ) );

sql - Find all Images in WordPress Table - Stack Overflow

    Is there a mysql query that can pull all of the images out of a table? Haven't had any luck finding a solution. Thanks. e. from a wordpress site. The images are all in the wp_posts table. In my wp_posts table all of the images are mixed in with other data. I would like to get all of the images out of this table to store on my hard drive

wp query - get images attached to post - WordPress ...

    <?php $image_query = new WP_Query(array('name'=>'slider-images')); while ( $image_query->have_posts() ) : $image_query->the_post(); $args = array( 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'numberposts' => -1, 'post_status' => null, 'post_parent' => $post->ID ); $attachments = get_posts($args); if ($attachments) { foreach ( $attachments as $attachment ) { echo '<li>'; …

Quick Featured Images – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    You will find the plugin under the own menu item ‘Featured Images’ You can select an image in the media library with the action link ‘Bulk set as featured image’. Click on it and you can go on with the plugin. You can set in ‘Settings’ which minimum user role is allowed to see the plugin in his/her adminstration area.4.6/5(207)

Responsive Images In WordPress - Sharper Images, Faster ...

    Jun 26, 2018 · Method 1 – Declare the sizes attribute inline in each instance of each image displayed. Method 2 – Declare the sizes attribute for specific image sizes in specific templates. Method 3 – Declare the sizes attribute globally for specific image sizes. Whew, that was a lot.Location: 411 W Monroe St #35, Austin, 78704, TX

WordPress: get and display images from the Media Library

    function get_images_from_media_library() { $args = array( 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'post_mime_type' =>'image', 'post_status' => 'inherit', 'posts_per_page' => 5, 'orderby' => 'rand' ); $query_images = new WP_Query( $args ); $images = array(); foreach ( $query_images->posts as $image) { $images[]= $image->guid; } return $images; }

What is WP_Query in WordPress?

    However, WP_Query is one of the recommended ways to query posts from WordPress database. Below is an example of a simple WP_Query which displays posts from movies category: <?php // The Query $the_query = new WP_Query( 'category_name=movies' ); ?> The sample code above does not automatically display posts. To display results of the query, user would need to use the WordPress …

How to Change Image URLs from HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress

    May 12, 2020 · Under select tables, scroll down and select the “wp_posts” table which contains image URLs, and URLs embedded inside posts and pages. Then uncheck the “Run as dry run?” option and hit the Run Search/Replace button. Change image URL from HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress with Better Search Replace. Wait for the processing to take place.

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