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wp query - WP_Query within function within WP_Query ...

    $args = arguments for the query $query = new WP_Query($args); while ($query->have_posts()): $query->the_post(); $post_id = get_the_ID(); echo my_function($post_id); endwhile; wp_reset_query(); endif; Then in my_function there's another query with a second function. This second function uses the post_id as input:

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    $query = new WP_Query( array( 'name' => 'about-my-life' ) ); Display page by slug: $query = new WP_Query( array( 'pagename' => 'contact' ) ); Display child page using the slug of the parent and the child page, separated by a slash (e.g. ‘parent_slug/child_slug’): $query = new WP_Query( array( 'pagename' => 'contact_us/canada' ) );

Query Overview « WordPress Codex

    Convert the query specification into a MySQL database query, and run the database query to get the list of posts, in function WP_Query->get_posts (). Save the posts in the $wp_query object to be used in the WordPress Loop. Handle 404 errors. Send the blog's HTTP headers. Set up some variables for the WordPress Loop.

WP_Query: How to query a specific WordPress table ...

    Obviously, within the WordPress framework, Wp_Query is the tool to use, mostly for security reasons, I think. Can someone point me to an example of using Wp_Query to search a specific WordPress table? I want to give users the ability to type in a string, and then use that string to search for data within the new table called “test.”

wordpress - Using WP_Query within Plugin - Stack Overflow

    function get_valid_posts(){ $validPosts = array(); $this_post = array(); $id_pot = array(); $my_query = new WP_Query('cat=15&showposts=10'); if($my_query->have_posts()) { while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $post = $my_query->post; if(!in_array($post->ID, $id_pot)){ $this_post['id'] = $post->ID; $this_post['post_content'] = $post->post_content; …

How To Use WP_Query In WordPress — Smashing Magazine

    Jan 14, 2013 · The WP_Query class is one of the most important parts of the WordPress codebase. Among other things, it determines the query you need on any given page and pulls posts accordingly. It also saves a lot of information about the requests it makes, which helps a great deal when optimizing pages (and troubleshooting them).

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