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WordPress Query Vars « WordPress Codex

    Query vars define a query for WordPress posts. When ugly permalinks are enabled, query variables can be seen in the URL. For example, in the URL http://example.com/?p=1 the p query var is set to 1, which will display the single post with an ID of 1. When pretty permalinks are enabled, URLs don't include query variables.

query_vars Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    apply_filters ('query_vars', string [] $public_query_vars) Filters the query variables allowed before processing.

get_query_var() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    33 rows · get_query_var () only retrieves public query variables that are recognized by …

Function Reference/get query var « WordPress Codex

    Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Function Reference/get query var Languages : English • Italiano • query var 日本語 ( Add your language )

List All WordPress Query Vars: A Step Guide - WordPress ...

    Nov 27, 2020 · You can find all query vars used in wordpress from query_vars and current query var used in current page. Please Disable Adblocker to View Image!

View all WP query variables WP-Mix

    Dec 22, 2016 · Micro Tip for the day: slice of PHP code for viewing all WordPress query variables. Very useful for figuring out custom loops and such. Just add this in any theme template file, for example just before the WordPress Loop:

set_query_var() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    set_query_var (string $var, mixed $value) Sets the value of a query variable in the WP_Query class.

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    Note: if the query is in a feed, wordpress overwrites this parameter with the stored ‘posts_per_rss’ option. To reimpose the limit, try using the ‘post_limits’ filter, or filter ‘pre_option_posts_per_rss’ and return -1

Tutorial: Custom URL Endpoints with WordPress Rewrite API ...

    Oct 02, 2019 · Handling the query vars. The way you as a theme or plugin developer can figure out whether or not to show the templates for these endpoints, is by checking “query vars”; basically WordPress’ global query object. We do this by calling get_query_var() with the query as argument (‘movies’ or ‘actors’).

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