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10 Million hits a day with WordPress using a $15 server ...

    The average hit rate of 117/second translates to about 10,134,627 hits/day. You can see the full final run blitz performance details in this PDF. There it is, 10 million hits per day using WordPress on a box costing less than $20 a month, all thanks to varnish and nginx, easy! Remember to get your $10 discount from Digital Ocean.

168 Million hits a day with WordPress using a $10 VPS ...

    Sep 25, 2014 · 168 Million hits a day with WordPress using a $10 VPS. If you are interested in short tutorial you can read my post Setup $10 Speed monster VPS for WordPress in 10 minutes. With this tutorial you will be able to install a new site or migrate your existing website to EE stack. But to keep the long story short, to achieve 168 Million hits a day using WordPress you will …

2020’s Most Surprising WordPress Statistics ...

    Feb 28, 2020 · WordPress Gets 20 Billion Page Views Per Month. Can WordPress handle it? The answer is yes, WordPress handles an enormous amount of traffic on a daily basis. The record for the most unique page views in a day on a WordPress website in 2016 is 187 million! This was of course on election day. WordPress.com also boasts an Alexa global website ...

php - What kind of server do I need to handle 10 million ...

    10 million requests. That breaks down to 416667 requests per hour. That breaks down to 6944 requests per minute. That breaks down to 116 requests per second. Double that (peak load) and we talk of a load a cheap quad core desktop can handle IF the queries are simple enough, and you don't really say how complex they are.

How To Generate 1 Million Website Visitors EBWAYCreative

    Don’t forget what 1,000 visitors per day could do if they are all high quality. To get 5,000 visitors per day (1 million per year) is to join the super elite of websites and blogs! Using these same website traffic building tactics that I've outlined here - you could change the course of your brand within 12 months time.

DuckDuckGo Exceeds 10 Million Searches Per Day – SEO Studio

    Jul 03, 2015 · DuckDuckGo is celebrating the fact that, for the first time ever, the privacy-focused search engine has exceeded more than 10 million searches per day. According to a recent interview with CNBC, DuckDuckGo’s popularity has grown 600% since new broke about NSA surveillance programs 2 years ago. In addition, PEW has recently reported on the extent…

Apache :: 40 million hits per day on a cheap $10 vps :)

    Jan 18, 2014 · Posted: Fri 29 May '15 20:17 Post subject: 40 million hits per day on a cheap $10 vps :) Here is an interesting article about tuning high performance server running on a cheap vps. The author serves 40 million hits per day on a $10 vps.

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