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WordPress Core 2.1.2 - 'xmlrpc' SQL Injection - PHP ...

    Apr 03, 2007 · WordPress Core 2.1.2 - 'xmlrpc' SQL Injection. CVE-34351CVE-2007-1897 . webapps exploit for PHP platformAuthor: Sumit Siddharth

WordPress 2.1.2 - Authenticated XMLRPC SQL Injection

    WordPress 2.1.2 - Authenticated XMLRPC SQL Injection 2014-08-01T00:00:00. ID WPVDB-ID:C30BC39A-6CDD-4FBC-B9BE-4C5AA7E1FDCF Type wpvulndb Reporter wpvulndb Modified 2020-10-25T14:00:37. Description. JSON Vulners Source. Initial Source. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service ...

Wordpress 2.1.2 xmlrpc Security Issues - NotSoSecure

    Apr 03, 2007 · WordPress 2.1.2 xmlrpc Multiple Vulnerabilities: Affected Versions: These issues were reported in version 2.1.2,(current stable version) and its very likely that previous versions may also be vulnerable. 1. Privilidge Escalation: Under normal circumstances (through web interface) a user in contributor role only has access to following functions: a. read b.Read more

CVE-2007-1897 : SQL injection vulnerability in xmlrpc ...

    SQL injection vulnerability in xmlrpc (xmlrpc.php) in WordPress 2.1.2, and probably earlier, allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL commands via a string parameter value in an XML RPC mt.setPostCategories method call, related to the post_id variable. Publish Date : 2007-04-09 Last Update Date : 2017-10-106.5/10

WordPress Core 2.2 - 'xmlrpc.php' SQL Injection - PHP ...

    WordPress Core 2.2 - 'xmlrpc.php' SQL Injection. CVE-36321CVE-2007-3140 . webapps exploit for PHP platform

WordPress PT-Content-Views-Pro 2.1.2 SQL Injection ...

    Jan 28, 2019 · * WordPress PT-Content-Views-Pro Plugins 2.1.2 is prone to an SQL-injection vulnerability because it fails to sufficiently sanitize user-supplied data before using it in an SQL …

FreeSMS 2.1.2 - SQL Injection ... - Exploit Database

    # ===== # The "password" parameter has boolean-based blind SQL injection vulnerability. # The login panel can be bypassed if the user name is known. # SQLDork: pass") RLIKE (SELECT (CASE WHEN (4404=4404) THEN 0x61646d696e74 ELSE 0x28 END)) AND ("WpaN"="WpaN # Exploit allows the creation of a new password on the target.

WAnewsletter 2.1.2 - SQL Injection - PHP webapps Exploit

    WAnewsletter 2.1.2 - SQL Injection. CVE-2010-4940CVE-76230 . webapps exploit for PHP platform

WordPress Core - 'xmlrpc' Interface SQL Injection ...

    WordPress Core - 'xmlrpc' Interface SQL Injection. CVE-17637CVE-2005-2108CVE-GTSA-00078 . webapps exploit for PHP platform

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