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comment_form() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    wp-includes/comment-template.php: comment_form_field_comment: Filters the content of the comment textarea field for display. wp-includes/comment-template.php: comment_form_before_fields: Fires before the comment fields in the comment form, excluding the textarea. wp-includes/comment-template.php: comment_form…

comments_template() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    <?php comments_template( '/short-comments.php' ); ?> The path to the file used for an alternative comments template should be relative to the current theme root directory, and include any subfolders. So if the custom comments template is in a folder inside the theme, it may look like this when called:

Customizing the WordPress Comment Form - WPMU DEV

    Oct 25, 2014 · The Comment Form Function. WordPress has a single function for outputting the contact form: comment_form(). It accepts a (rather lengthy) array as its first argument, which allows you to specify everything from the labels to the notice below the comment box. It is most commonly called from the comments.php template file. In Twenty Fourteen and ...Reviews: 1

How to Style the WordPress Comment Form (Ultimate Guide)

    Oct 02, 2018 · Changing Comment Form Style in WordPress Inside most WordPress themes there is a template called comments.php. This file is used to display comments and comment form on your blog posts. The WordPress comment form is generated by using the function: <?php comment_form …

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