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WP_Object_Cache Class WordPress Developer Resources

    W3 Total Cache provides object level caching using disk, opcode or memcache (d) memory stores. W3TC also provides: browser, page and database caching, in addition to Content Delivery Network Support, Mobile Support, Minification and more. LiteSpeed Cache supports the use of Redis, Memcached, and LSMCD object caches.

Using object-cache.php file with W3 WordPress.org

    In order to use W3 Total Cache Object Cache option, W3 Total Cache needs to drop-in object-cache.php. You can, however, disable the Object Cache in W3 Total Cache, and use the other plugin or remove object-cache.php disable the other solution and use APC/APCu as an Object Cache caching method by installing the Alternative PHP Cache (APC) Module. Thank you!

What is Object Caching and How to Use It With WordPress

    Jan 08, 2019 · Object caching involves storing database query results so that the next time a result is needed, it can be served from the cache without having to repeatedly query the database. As a content management system, WordPress is naturally—and heavily—dependent on the database. As such, database efficiency is crucial to scaling WordPress.

Redis Object Cache – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    Enable the object cache under Settings -> Redis, or in Multisite setups under Network Admin -> Settings -> Redis. If necessary, adjust connection parameters . If your server doesn’t support the WordPress Filesystem API , you have to manually copy the object-cache.php file from the /plugins/redis-cache/includes/ directory to the /wp-content/ directory.4.7/5(91)

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Object Caching

    Nov 05, 2020 · Object caching is a process that stores database query results in order to quickly bring them back up next time they are needed. The cached object will be served promptly from the cache rather than sending multiple requests to a database. This is more efficient and reduces massive unnecessary loads on your server.

Memcached Object Cache – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    Copy object-cache.php to wp-content. Add the WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT constant to the wp-config.php: php define( 'WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT', '...long random string...' ); This helps prevent cache pollution when multiplte WordPress installs are using the same Memcached server. The value must be unique for each WordPress install.

Docket Cache – Object Cache Accelerator – WordPress plugin ...

    With WordPress, exporting the PHP objects are not easy, most plugin that implements file-based solution will serialize and unserialize the object to store and retrieve the data. The Docket Cache is better because it converts the object cache into plain PHP code.5/5(8)

How to Enable the Default WordPress Object Cache ...

    Jul 07, 2018 · Although the WordPress object cache may not work as well as either of the cache plugins currently available, it is an effective caching method that is a breeze to setup and run. And, best of all, the default caching mechanism works perfectly with virtually all WordPress plugins.

Should I enable Database Cache and Object ... - WordPress.org

    Database cache caches the results of common database queries to enhance performance, and Object Cache caches the results of complex database queries to reduce server load. For example, a simple search on your website performs a full search on your WordPress database. A query like that can be cached for faster results

Docket Cache – WordPress Object Cache Accelerator

    WordPress Object Cache Accelerator. Docket Cache is your alternative WordPress Object Cache plugin that is shared hosting friendly, making use of optimised file-based caching. Instead of the common serialize and unserialize method of storing WordPress object, Docket Cache saves object into PHP code, removing data transformation process all together. It is made even faster with Zend OPcache.

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