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A Guide to the WordPress Template Hierarchy (2021 Edition)

    Jan 04, 2021 · That’s where the WordPress template hierarchy comes in. It’s a built-in system that tells WordPress what template files to load and in which order. For a search page, if WordPress can’t find the search.php file, it will move down to the next file in the hierarchy, which is index.php.

WordPress 3 Template Hierarchy Digging Into WordPress

    WordPress 3 Template Hierarchy. Posted by Chris Coyier • Updated on February 11th, 2017. This chart is one entire page in our book, but I thought it would be good to focus on specifically. Template hierarchy has gotten a bit more advanced since the last time we covered it.

Template Hierarchy Learn WordPress

    The WordPress templates system allows you to filter the hierarchy. The filter (located in the get_query_template () function) uses this filter name: “ {$type}_template” where $type is the file name in the Hierarchy without the .php extension. Full list:

We Break Down the WordPress Template Hierarchy

    1 day ago · A Breakdown of the WordPress Template Hierarchy by Query Type. WordPress websites are made up of several query types — or types of content — including front pages, single posts, single pages, category and tag archive pages, author archive pages, search pages, and more. Each query type has a unique order in which template files are called by ...

The WordPress Template Hierarchy - a visualization resource

    David Hayes / May 23, 2017. The WordPress template hierarchy is one of the most influential things in the life of theme developers. Users may need to understand it, plugins may need to interact with it, but generally it is theming that’s all about the template hierarchy. That’s because it is the WordPress template hierarchy that determines which of the files in a theme is used at a …

Beginner's Guide to WordPress Template Hierarchy (Cheat Sheet)

    May 13, 2019 · Here is how WordPress looks for templates to display custom post type archives. 1. archive-{post_type}.php – If you have a post type is review, WordPress will look for archive-review.php. 2. archive.php – The default template to display all archive pages in WordPress. 3. index.php – The default fallback template in WordPress.

WordPress template hierarchy: a beginner's guide

    WordPress template hierarchy ensures that pages on a site feature simplified structures that allow faster and error-free loading. Developers can make changes, customizations and edits accurately, ensuring the best results when managing an online project.

Understanding the WordPress Template Hierarchy

    Jun 26, 2019 · The template hierarchy is a built-in system that WordPress uses to determine which .php template files need to be called on to display select web page on your website. This is based on the type of post content requested – for example, whether the web page needs to be displayed as a Page, a Post, a Category page, or a Search page.

Template Hierarchy WordPress.org

    Does anyone know why the template hierarchy prioritises page-slug over page-id? For example, I have more than one nested page with the slug “contact”. These pages by default will use the following hierarchy: Template Hierarchy page-contact.php page …

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