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Audio Shortcode WordPress.org

    The Audio feature allows you to embed audio files and play them back using a simple Shortcode. This was added as of WordPress 3.6 and is used like this: [ audio] Note: Do Not put Space between “[” and “audio”. You can also use build-in embeds and simply put the media file on its own line: My cool content http://my.mp3s.com/cool/songs/coolest.mp3

wp_audio_shortcode() Function WordPress Developer ...

    Builds the Audio shortcode output. Description # Description. This implements the functionality of the Audio Shortcode for displaying WordPress mp3s in a post.

WordPress 3.6 + Audio/Video – Scott Taylor

    Aug 01, 2013 · Your audio and video uploads now have metadata that is extracted when they are uploaded. Prior to 3.6, no metadata was generated for audio and video files. A/V files are typically created with ID3 tags. ID3 tags contain data like artist, album, song, genre, etc for audio files and length, dimensions, codecs, etc for video. To access this data:

Is 'preload="none"' a valid parameter in the [audio ...

    I know that MediaElement.js is part of the WordPress core in WordPress 3.6. I currently use the MediaElement.js plugin on my WordPress 3.5.1 sites. On some …

Wordpress 3.6 Audio - Enabling Autoplay

    Aug 16, 2013 · (Ignore additional spaces in the word “audio.”) [a u d i o mp3 = "your_URL/music.mp3" autoplay = "y"] [/ audio] Overall, 3.6 seems to be a great release in my testing and live site usage. Kudos to the WP Team for making embedded audio and video work natively. Cheers!

Audio / Video support in Core – Make WordPress Core

    Apr 08, 2013 · Post Formats are a big feature in WordPress 3.6. What you may not know is: there is now native support for Audio and Video in core Core Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress.! ... and I want to use the new shortcode: [audio]

it:Shortcode Audio « WordPress Codex

    Lo shortcode Audio permette di includere file audio e riprodurli. È stato aggiunto in WordPress 3.6 e si usa in questo modo: [audio] È anche possibile includere un file audio, senza l'uso di questo shortcode, inserendo semplicemente l'indirizzo del file su una propria riga, isolato dal resto del contenuto:

Wordpress: Is 'preload="none"' a valid parameter in the ...

    Wordpress: Is 'preload="none"' a valid parameter in the [audio] shortcode in WordPress 3.6?Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ro...

Audio Shortcode « WordPress Codex

    Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? Check out the new WordPress Code Reference!

Version 3.6 WordPress.org

    On August 1, 2013, WordPress Version 3.6, named for Oscar Peterson, was released to the public.For more information on this enhancement and bug-fix release, read the WordPress Blog, the Release Post, and see the Changelog for 3.6.. For Version 3.6, the database version (db_version in wp_options) changed to 24448, and the Trac revision was r24973.. View Closed Tickets

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