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@package & @subpackage: how to use with child themes ...

    1. The @package specify packages to group classes or functions and defines into, also a theme for WordPress. A @subpackage is child of the theme, like a functionality for a specific requirement or a child theme, a subpackage. Small hint to the doc of phpdoc tags: http://manual.phpdoc.org/HTMLSmartyConverter/HandS/phpDocumentor/tutorial_tags.pkg.html.

Conditional Tags Learn WordPress

    <?php /** The Template for displaying all single posts @package WordPress @subpackage Twenty_Fourteen @since Twenty Fourteen 1.0 / get_header(); ?> When you view a post, and that post is in the category of “Blue Cheese”, the additional content appears at the very start of the #content div.

PHP Documentation Standards - WordPress Developer Resources

    @subpackage: subpackagename: For page-level DocBlock, specifies the Component that all functions and defines in file belong to. For class-level DocBlock, specifies the subpackage/component the class belongs to. @todo: information string: Documents planned changes to an element that have not been implemented. @type

@package & @subpackage: как использовать с дочерними ...

    В WordPress @package обычно является WordPress. @subpackage – это любой модуль, на который вы смотрите. Так, например, верхняя часть класса WP_Http содержит: /** * Simple and uniform HTTP request API. * * Standardizes the HTTP requests for WordPress.

Using Package Tags in WordPress Development Tom McFarlin

    Sep 20, 2016 · The @package tag can be used as a counterpart or supplement to Namespaces. Namespaces provide a functional subdivision of Structural Elements where the @package tag can provide a logical subdivision in which way the elements can be grouped with a different hierarchy.

credits.php - <?php Credits administration [email protected] ...

    View credits.php from AE 5302 at University of Texas, Arlington. <?php /* * Credits administration panel. * * @package WordPress * @subpackage Administration */ /* WordPress Administration Bootstrap

Footer widgets – Twenty Twenty WordPress.org

    You can Right Click on wordpress default pages and post and click Inspect element. In default pages/posts you can find footer-widgets-outer-wrapper But in …

Child Themes Learn WordPress

    The first line of your child theme’s functions.php will be an opening PHP tag (<?php), after which you can enqueue your parent and child theme stylesheets.The correct method of enqueuing the parent theme stylesheet is to add a wp_enqueue_scripts action and use wp_enqueue_style() in your child theme’s functions.php.The following example function will only work if your Parent Theme uses only ...

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