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Wordpress $wpdb->get_results() query - Stack Overflow

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wpdb::get_results() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    74 rows · The example below is using heredoc to write the query and then getting the result …

wpdb::query() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    37 rows · Performs a MySQL database query, using current database connection.

database - get_results using wpdb - WordPress Development ...

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wpdb Class WordPress Developer Resources

    WordPress provides a global object, $wpdb, which is an instantiation of the wpdb class. By default, $wpdb is instantiated to talk to the WordPress database. The recommended way to access $wpdb in your WordPress PHP code is to declare $wpdb as a global variable using the global keyword, like this: 1

Understanding and using $wpdb object in WordPress - Designmodo

    The class wpdb also provides some other useful functions which are as follows. flush – This function is used to flush the result of previous query. show_errors – This function is used to enable showing database errors. hide_errors – This function is …

php - $wpdb->get_results(...) returns empty array despite ...

    I had the same issue a, a good sql statement, no errors, but no results using wpdb. The fix for me was a matter of having the correct collation/character encoding (e.g. COLLATE 'utf8_general_ci') for my table. I had a query that worked, the table was replaced with a dump from an other server (and older server) and my query stopped working.

php - How to return number of found rows from SELECT query ...

    I wrote a function which is supposed to return the number of rows found in a SELECT query but it always either seems to return 0 or an array. I have been …

Class Reference/wpdb « WordPress Codex

    Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Class Reference/wpdb Languages : English • Italiano • 日本語 Русский • 中文(简体) • 中文(繁體) • 한국어 • ( Add your language )

wpdb::get_row() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    Retrieves one row from the database.

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