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Henka Bujinkan Hombu Dojo Kuden

    I thought that I might put pen to paper in regards to my interpretation of Soke’s mindset in the year of the mini horse. The reality is that it is not something new or groundbreaking and the message is similar to other past messages, however a timeless message that is painted on a different canvas with contrasting colors, evolving as the ink dries and the paper ages.

About Henka

    My name is Doug Wilson, originally from the US (CA). I have been studying martial arts for more than 30 years, 27 of those years in the Bujinkan. I have spent 15 of those years in Japan training at the Hombu Dojo. I often act as an interpreter for the Hombu Dojo and have co-translated…

Henka Life – A change is coming…

    Meaning of Henka: (Japanese word) a person prepared to transform their lives. Meaning of Life: The existence of an individual with the capacity of growth. Henka Life is the representation of a change in life to become a better self. The pursuit of finding the purpose of …

ariesbudo Henka

    Read all of the posts by ariesbudo on Henka. Matters of Self February 21, 2012. Human nature tends to self create problems when one over utilizes something as a vehicle for the ego.

Ichi Mind Henka

    Apr 14, 2009 · Hello, Doug: Although not a member of the Bujinkan, I read your columns and practice Budo Taijutsu on a daily basis. Being 53 myself, I can assure you that the passage of time will tech you considerably more….perhaps most importantly, that less is indeed more. D.A.T. – all the technical language inherent in other martial arts cannot compare.

Henka Bujinkan Hombu Dojo Kuden Page 2

    Bujinkan Hombu Dojo Kuden. Foot Notes December 14, 2011 “That which is hidden is the flower”, 秘すれば花 is a well known statement made by Zeami, master of Noh.

Español – 2013/4 Henka

    Técnica Divina Pensé que podría poner pluma sobre papel y escribir mi interpretación de los pensamientos de Soke en el año del mini caballo. La realidad es que esto no es algo nuevo o innovador y el mensaje es similar a otros mensajes anteriores, sin embargo es un mensaje intemporal que está pintado sobre lienzos…

September 2010 Henka

    1 post published by ariesbudo during September 2010. Out of Africa September 7, 2010 A few weeks have passed since I returned from Africa.

Home page - Henka

    Our product range includes top quality gas tools, barbecues, heaters, hiking gear, outdoor furniture, restaurant supplies and other. Henka CT Llc., founded in 2001, represents in Estonia and in the Baltics internationally well-known labels Primus, Sievert, Kemper, Outdoorchef, CF Parker, Paella World, Rebel, EMU and many others.

Bujinkan Theme 2007 Henka

    May 30, 2007 · This is and old post but...Today was the first day of training for 2007 at the Hombu. (hatsugeiko)Soke showed us the bud that will eventually flower into this year's theme.The theme for 2007 is Kukishin Ryu and the aspect of Kimon (demon gate) or direction.The aspect of Kimon is Buddhist and said to be native…

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