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How to remove page_id from wordpress url - Stack Overflow

    Login to Wordpress, select "Settings" from the left-sidebar menu, and then "Reading." From there, change the radio button from "Your Latest Posts" to "A Static Page." Select the page you want to use as your home from the dropdown menu, and select a corresponding page to represent your blog loop.

How to Hide Page or Post Title in WordPress (Updated 2021)

    Jun 15, 2020 · Hiding a Single WordPress Page or Post Title. The easiest way to hide page or post title is by leaving the title field blank. However, this option is not recommended. WordPress will generate its own permalink when there’s no title, and it’ll be hard to identify untitled pages and posts. For that reason, we recommend using plugins like Title Remover and Hide Page and Post Title.

How to Hide Page Titles in WordPress & Why You'd Want to ...

    Sep 18, 2020 · The Best Ways to Hide Page Titles in WordPress Create A Child Theme (IMPORTANT). To get started you’ll first need to create a WordPress child theme. This step is... Determine Your Page Title Class. Go to the frontend of the page you want to edit and right click on it. Select the View... Finding the ...

How to Hide Elements on Specific WordPress Pages

    Oct 15, 2018 · In this post, I'm going to show you how to hide elements on certain pages of your WordPress site. Step #1. What element do you want to hide? In this example, I want to hide the main menu, but only on one specific page. Use Chrome or Firefox Developer Tools to look for a unique CSS selector. If possible, find an id, although a class may work too.

How to hide page url WordPress.org

    I am new to wordpress, updating my website/pages. I need to hide the page url… since I have menus and it is repeating itself by showing url in another line. I could not figure it out how to do it. Where to find the settings. Under the main Menu, it also shows url such as, Home > About Us. I …

How to Remove Numbers from WordPress URLs

    Dec 02, 2014 · Remember, WordPress chooses the text to display in URL from your post’s title, so if your post does not have a title, then WordPress will use the post’s ID in the URL. You can manually tell WordPress what to use in the URL instead of the post number. Just below the post title, you will see your post’s URL with an Edit button next to it.

How to Find Your WordPress Page ID and Post ID (And What ...

    Dec 14, 2017 · All you need to do is click Edit. Then, when you see the WordPress Editor, look for the number in the actual URL of the page you’re on. For posts and pages, you should see post=NUMBER. That NUMBER is the post id: So, in the example above, the post ID is 49.

How To Use Custom CSS on Specific Pages in WordPress by ...

    Mar 28, 2018 · .page-id-2741 p, .page-id-2211 p { color: red; } As you can see from my images below, this line of code changed the paragraph text red on both my WordPress Websites and WordPress …

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