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bloginfo() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    If using bloginfo as a variable, for example:$url = bloginfo('url'); it will return null. This is because bloginfo() echos the result immediately. So if you want to use any of the bloginfo() parameters as variables use get_bloginfo(). This function returns the result as a string.

get_bloginfo() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    <?php switch_to_blog(1); $site_title = get_bloginfo( 'name' ); $site_url = network_site_url( '/' ); $site_description = get_bloginfo( 'description' ); restore_current_blog(); echo 'The Network Home URL is: ' . $site_url; echo 'The Network Home Name is: ' . $site_title; echo 'The Network Home Tagline is: ' . $site_description; ?>

Difference between bloginfo('home') and home_url() and ...

    The site url is the 'domain' of your WordPress install no matter what page or site should be displayed as start page/frontpage/homepage. bloginfo() is just a wrapper for get_option(). The parameter home is deprecated since version 2.2 in favor of siteurl. wpurl-> site_url() siteurl-> home_url() Because this is confusing, it is better to use the function calls site_url() and home_url()

Blog or Static Page: How to Change the Default Homepage in ...

    Before you publish your homepage, you may want to change its URL. By default, WordPress generates a URL automatically based on your website’s domain name and the page’s Title . To change this automatically generated address, find the URL towards the top of the screen, click its accompanying Edit button, enter a new URL, and then click OK .

WordPress函数:bloginfo(显示博客信息) WordPress大学

    可以考虑使用 site_url() 来代替,尤其是在使用 子目录路径方式,而不是使用 子域名 来配置多站点时(bloginfo将返回根网站的URL,而不是子站点的URL)。 ... get_bloginfo() 目录URL标签. WordPress的目录: ...

wordpress教程之函数site_url()、home_url()、bloginfo(‘url’)的区别 …

    在wordpress插件和主题开发中经常需要获取各种URL路径,wordpress提供了以下集中方法获得URL路径:plugins_url() — 插件目录的 URL ...

テンプレートタグ/bloginfo - WordPress Codex 日本語版

    7 rows · この関数はサブサイトではなく WordPress がインストールされているルートサイトの URL を返すため、マルチサイト構成で、サブドメインの代わりにパスを用いている場合等は特に ...

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