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How to Add Spacing in Wordpress for HTML and Visual Editors

    If you want 3 spaces, then you either need to adjust in HTML or add those periods on 3 different lines, make them white and move on with editing. If you do 1 space, this will show up in preview and when you publish (this has been tested and proven). If you do more, it won’t show up in preview or publish.

Editor – white space WordPress.org

    Support » Fixing WordPress » Editor – white space. Editor – white space. branko3184 (@branko3184) 7 months, 2 weeks ago. Hi, The work done by the WordPress teams are doing in enhancing the editor is great but I find the amount of white space the editor shows on the left and right of blocks annoying.One could argue that 30-50% of the ...

html - Preserve white-space in Page - WordPress ...

    You could use a code highlighting plugin, for example http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/syntaxhighlighter/. They should be able to keep the white space. Subsequent white space gets removed by default in HTML (for example: " " two spaces become " " one.

WordPress whitespace formatting issues [SOLVED]

    Mar 12, 2014 · WordPress strips all whitespace it deems incompatible with these (overly?) strict standards, leaving authors who wish for more whitespace saddled with the task of hard-coding HTML whitespace into the "text" side of WordPress's TinyMCE editor.

How to use a Non-Breaking Space in WordPress

    Aug 17, 2015 · A non-breaking space allows you to add a space between two words that prevents an automatic line break (line wrap) at its position. They’re commonly used where amounts, such as dollars are separated using a space or when typing a brand name. When using Microsoft Word it’s as easy as typing Ctrl + Shift + Space – but it’s not at easy in an HTML WYSIWYG editor such as in WordPress.

WordPress post edit area blank - white text white background

    Feb 15, 2012 · Have you recently updated WordPress and then noticed that your post area looks blank when you edit existing posts or pages? I noticed this after going through the hassle of upgrading to WordPress 3.3.1, and manifests itself as white text being displayed on a white background when your post edit page loads.You might also find that switching between ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’ modes doesn’t ...

How to Edit WordPress Code (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript)

    Aug 30, 2020 · As we discussed in this post, the WordPress Theme Editor and FTP are the best ways to access the source code of your WordPress website and make changes to its HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. Alongside the power of seemingly endless plugin choices, this will give you the ability to fully customize everything about your site.

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