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WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows » WebNots

    38 rows · Jun 09, 2020 · There are also shortcuts which do not have equivalent icons resulting in not using that function ...

85+ Most Useful Time Saving WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

    May 16, 2019 · Classic Editor Keyboard Shortcut for Mac users: Command + y = Redo Command + Option + [number] = Insert heading sizes, e.g. Alt + Shift + 1 = h1, Alt + Shift + 2 = h2 Command + Option + l = Align Left Command + Option + j = Justify Text Command + Option + c = Align Center Command + Option + d = ...

Keyboard Shortcuts WordPress.org

    The following shortcuts use a different key combination: Windows/Linux: “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”. Mac: “Ctrl + Option (alt ⌥) + letter”. (Macs running any WordPress version below 4.2 use “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”). Letter Action.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts To Maximize Your Efficiency

    Oct 20, 2020 · WordPress Mac Keyboard Shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts we’ve looked at so far are for Windows users. They are pretty much similar to Mac keys, only with slight changes. Here is a list of them: Cmd + B – Bolden text. Cmd + C – Copy text. Cmd + X – Cut text. Cmd + A – Select all text. Cmd + V – Paste the selected text. Cmd + I – Make selected text italics

List of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Writing ...

    Apr 21, 2016 · WordPress keyboard shortcuts make it easy to customize styles, alignment, headings & navigate the content editor—and they can save you loads of time if you write a lot of content. We’ve compiled a list of keyboard shortcuts for both Mac & PC. Please take a few minutes to learn them, and then practice.

47 WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts (Cheat Sheet)

    Nov 11, 2020 · These WordPress keyboard shortcuts will save you HOURS of your life, maybe even days! You can even print it out these WordPress shortcuts, WOW! ... (or Cmd + Option + M for Mac users), or choose a heading style by using Alt + Shift + a number key from 1-6 (again, Cmd + Option + a number key from 1-6 for Mac users).Publish Year: 2016

65+ WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Writing, Gutenberg + More

    Oct 06, 2020 · Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Select Text These Mac shortcuts can help you select text in the editor without needing to leave your keyboard: Cmd + A – select all text Shift + Left/Right – select one letter to the right/left

The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts ...

    Sep 22, 2014 · The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts In this tech-savvy day and age, keyboard shortcuts are nothing new. In fact, you probably use these types of shortcuts every day. For example, when Windows users want to Copy and Paste something, most will use the shortcut CTRL + C, and then, CTRL + V to execute the action.

Mac keyboard shortcuts - WordPress.com

    Whilst you’re typing, you can quickly look up the selected (or nearest) word in the system’s dictionary. The keyboard shortcut to do this is customisable (in the Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard panel again, this time in the Services section). On my Mac, it’s ⌘⌃D.

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