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Disqus Comment System – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    Disqus helps publishers of all sizes engage directly with their audiences to build loyalty, retain readers, and foster thriving communities. The Disqus for WordPress plugin lets site owners and developers easily add Disqus to their sites, replacing the default WordPress comment system.2.8/5(198)

Wordpress to Octopress Migration - LinuxMoz

    Enter your username and password for DISQUS; Click the “Export Existing Comments now” link and you are done; To enable DISQUS on Octopress just add your username to the DISQUS section in _config.yml then Generate & Deploy your site again, just so long your URL’s are the same you should see your old WP blog comments on your new Octopress blog.

Advanced OctoPress tips and tweeks to improve your blog

    Migrating WordPress comments to Disqus. Octopress has not an own commenting system but it has excellent integration with Disqus, a hosted comment management system. After migrated from WordPress, you won’t get the post’s comments together. It’s a big problem and may it drives you comeback to WordPress.

Disqus comments not visible in Octopress · MD/Blog

    Nov 12, 2012 · After completing the migration of my blog from Wordpress to Octopress I had the surprise that Disqus comments were not showing up on the site. I’ve already migrated in advance to Disqus and the Wordpress blog was working just fine with the new format. However, once switched to Octopress there were no comments active on the site. Strangely, the total number of comments for …


    The Octopress CLI replaces the old Rakefile and has some new tricks too. With octopress and the octopress-deploy gem you can: Quickly create new pages, posts, drafts, and collections. Upgrade your drafts workflow with the publish and unpublish commands. Use templates, like: octopress new post --template sponsor. Deploy via Git, Rsync, and S3.

Pixel-in-Gene: Switching to the Octopress Blogging Engine

    Migrating Wordpress comments to Disqus. Octopress has excellent integration with Disqus, a hosted comment management system. Disqus works by linking all the comments to a specific Url. As long as your posts maintain the same Url you can just use Disqus to import all of your comments into your octopress …

Finally Migrated to Octopress · MD/Blog

    Nov 14, 2012 · For a while now, I wanted to migrate my blog from Wordpress to Octopress, but for some reason I kept putting it on the shelf and not doing it. (let’s say because of all those client related projects…). Finally last weekend I’ve completed the migration and I’m really excited to get back to blogging after this. This post is meant to capture some of the issues I’ve encountered during ...

From WordPress to Octopress - Passionate Development

    Jan 22, 2012 · WordPress has just become too complicated and too distracting to me (with thousands of plugins and themes to choose from). Also I got lots of spammers trying to find some holes on my WordPress installation - evidence: 80% of traffic goes to wp-comments.php. I then decided to give Octopress a go.



Octopress 博客系统 —— A blogging framework for hackers - …

    3、Octopress 可以离线撰写博客文章,并且可以使用任意文本编辑器工具(例如 vim)来编辑,默认使用 Markdown 语法。 4、可从现有的 WordPress 迁移。 5、不存在备份问题,因为是在本地撰写文章后再发布在远程的。 二、安装 1. 安装 Ruby 运行环境。

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