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wp query - Custom Search Result Page displaying only 1 ...

    The problem I'm running into is that when I enter a search term ; say 'gaming', it will only return one result, being the latest result. I have my blog setup to display only one article at a time. However, I found a way to circumvent the search results page by logging into wp-admin -> settings -> reading -> and changing the blog page displays one post to say for example 10. Then when I try searching for …

Search result title showing only one taxonomy WordPress.org

    Hello. If I configure the widget to use multiple taxonomies, the filter result page reads “Search results: [taxonomy 1]”, and doesn’t show all other taxonomies. This is misleading to the user. Can I disable and have a generic “Search Results”, or could you point in which part of the code this is handled so that I can fix it? Thank you.

How to Limit Your WordPress Search Results - WPExplorer

    May 02, 2011 · This is the method I currently use on WPExplorer.com so when people search the main site they will only get search results from the “WordPress Themes” category. All you need to do is add a hidden input to your searchform.php with an id of “cat” and the category id for the value.

How to Customize Search Page Results in WordPress

    Aug 13, 2020 · When you search on a regular search engine like Google, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll come up with no results (unless you search for something utterly nonsensical, but even then…). However, this can happen more regularly than one would like when using a …

Auto-Redirect when WordPress Search Query Only Returns One ...

    Jun 22, 2012 · There are times when searching a WordPress blog, you only get one item in the result. Depending on how organized your site is, this should be the item the user was looking for anyways. One of our users asked if there was a way to redirect to the post if the search query results only one match. In this article, we are going to show you how to redirect users to the post when the search query only returns one …

How To Limit Search Results For Specific Post Types in ...

    May 22, 2013 · You can filter the search results by changing the values in the array variable. Right now it is set to display posts and pages but you can modify it to display anything you want. 31Shares

Creating a Search Page WordPress.org

    Languages: English • 日本語. A Search Page is a WordPress Page with a custom Page template to give users more information for searching your site.. Things You Need to Know # Things You Need to Know. Different WordPress Themes feature different template files.Some include a search.php template file. This is not a Search Page, it is merely a template that displays the search results.

How to Exclude Certain Posts & Pages from WordPress Search ...

    Jul 25, 2016 · This plugin is very easy and simple to use. Once activated, you will be able to see a new option to “Exclude from search results” in the post/page edit page. To exclude a certain page or post from search results, simply checkmark this option. That’s all you need to do.

Google searches that give a single result

    Phillip Remaker who describes himself as a Google user since the beta days had the right answer: Ironically, the moment you post the words or phrase that form a single Google hit, that post becomes incorporated into searches and the single hit becomes many. A form of the Heisenberg principle applies to one-result Google searches: The act of observing them destroys them.

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