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get_option() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    if ( isset ( $alloptions[ $option ] ) ) {. $value = $alloptions[ $option ]; } else {. $value = wp_cache_get ( $option, 'options' ); if ( false === $value ) {. $row = $wpdb->get_row ( $wpdb->prepare ( "SELECT option_value FROM $wpdb->options WHERE option_name = %s LIMIT 1", $option ) ); if ( …

Option Reference « WordPress Codex

    Options are pieces of data that WordPress uses to store various preferences and configuration settings. Listed below are the options, along with some of the default values from the current WordPress install. By using the appropriate function, options can be added, changed, removed, and retrieved, from the wp_options table.Or, you may use All Settings Screen to view and change options.

Wordpress format meta_value column to get only option values

    In wordpress i have created a choices value for custom field like below: I am trying to get the choices values in magento. field_57bdd83367bb1 is my fieldkey. public function getPostType2(){ try{ $resource = Mage::getSingleton('core/resource'); $readConnection = $resource->getConnection('new_db'); $query ='SELECT meta_value FROM ' . $resource->getTableName('wp_postmeta').

form_option() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    form_option (string $option) Prints option value after sanitizing for forms.

wp option WP-CLI Command WordPress Developer Resources

    8 rows · wp option add: Adds a new option value. wp option delete: Deletes an option. wp option get: …

plugin development - How do you store options with a:n ...

    Is this format specific to WordPress? – trusktr May 28 '12 at 20:13 Note: You can also pass an object (stdClass for example). When you use get_option you will …

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