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What are WordPress orphan posts meta and how to clean them ...

    Mar 02, 2016 · September 15, 2020. by Younes JFR. The post metadata is the information you provide to viewers about each post. This information usually includes the author of the post, when it was written (or posted), and how the author categorized that particular post. In some cases, some post metadata information becomes orphan and do not belong to any post. They are …

Finding, Deleting and Cleaning Orphaned Post Meta in WordPress

    Aug 21, 2019 · While WordPress has well optimised the wp_postmeta table, it might be wise to clean it from time to time. I had over 250,000 orphan records after 4 years of running a business website – mostly due to events and ACF plugins! [sql] — List all orphan rows from wp_postmeta SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta LEFT JOIN wp_posts ON wp_posts.ID = wp_postmeta.post_id

Orphaned Post Meta WordPress.org

    After running a cleanup, I checked with a plugin for a cleanup Orphaned Post Meta And I saw that they were not cleaned Can… [This thread is closed.] About WordPress

Single meta and orphan meta WordPress.org

    – Delete Orphan Meta on Options Page “Delete Orphan Meta” will delete native ACF Fields meta, this behavior is normal. Those data are stored inside a meta key called acf. For Options Pages, the meta will be stored in a single options meta key (if the Post ID of your options page is the default options). Your report is not complete.

How to Delete Orphaned Post Meta Data in the WordPress ...

    Sometimes while developing a new plugin you have to do lots of database work including creating posts, editing posts, and deleting posts. All of these actions affect the post meta data table and if you aren't careful with how to manage the post meta data you'll have thousands and thousands of rows of data. By deleting orphaned post meta data (meta data belonging to posts which …

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