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get_tags() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Displays a list of tags with links to each one and a specific class for each tag: $tags = get_tags(); $html ='<div class="post_tags">'; foreach ( $tags as $tag ) { $tag_link = get_tag_link( $tag->term_id ); $html .= "<a href='{$tag_link}' title='{$tag->name} Tag' …

How can I list all my tags in a page in wordpress ...

    If you want to only show tags assigned to the current page or post, don’t use wp_list_categories(), that will list all tags that have been defined. Instead use get_the_term_list(). Typical usage: <?php get_the_term_list( get_the_ID(), 'post_tag', 'Artist: ', ', '); ?> When you are altering theme templates, it’s best to create a child theme. Otherwise your changes will be lost when the theme is updated.

php - How to get all tags from Wordpress page/post as a ...

    function getTagList($classes = '') { global $post; $tags = get_the_tags($post->ID); $tagOutput = []; if (!empty($tags)) { array_push($tagOutput, '<ul class="tag-list '.$classes.'">'); foreach($tags as $tag) { array_push($tagOutput, '<li>'.$tag->name.'</li>'); } array_push($tagOutput, '</ul>'); } return implode('', $tagOutput); } add_shortcode('tagsList', 'getTagList');

How to get a List of Post Tags in WordPress - WPExplorer

    Jan 02, 2018 · This code displays a list of all the registered tags on your site. If you want to display a list of tags associated with a specific post then you instead use the function called get_the_tag_list. Example: echo get_the_tag_list('<p>Tags: ',', ','</p>'); Also, the first snippet uses the get_tags function which is specifically for WordPress tags.

What are WordPress Tags and How to Use Them Correctly

    Jun 14, 2019 · What are WordPress Tags and How to Use Them Correctly. WordPress tags is one of the tools you can use to group your posts, based on similar details. Usually, tags are located under a post or in the sidebar. When a visitor clicks a particular tag, WordPress will open an archive page (tag page) – indexing all the posts and custom post types that have the same tags.

get_the_tags() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function show_tags() { $post_tags = get_the_tags(); $separator =' '; if (!empty($post_tags)) { foreach ($post_tags as $tag) { $output .='<a href="' . get_tag_link($tag->term_id) . '">' . $tag->name . '</a>' . $separator; } return trim($output, $separator); } }

tags - How do I change the output of get_the_tag_list ...

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Output of comments via custom tags WordPress.org

    I use the following code to output comments of the custom type of the contest entry: [better_recent_comments post_type="concourse" number="5" format="{avatar} {author} {post}: {comment} {date}" avatar_size="50"] But I have different contests on my site, how can I display comments to stories using custom tags, for example: concourse_tag=569, etc

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