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override_load_textdomain Hook WordPress Developer ...

    Filters whether to override the .mo file loading.

load_textdomain() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Uses; Uses Description; wp-includes/l10n.php: override_load_textdomain Filters whether to override the .mo file loading. wp-includes/l10n.php: load_textdomain Fires before the MO translation file is loaded.

Tests for override filter of load_textdomain - WordPress

    Description ¶ There is a filter inside the function load_textdomain that lets you bypass the standard way to load a mo-file. There was no coverage for the use of this filter. Commits (1)

load_textdomain_mofile Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    An example that allows to override the default translations of a plugin: add_filter( 'load_textdomain_mofile', 'my_custom_translation_file', 10, 2 ); /* * Replace 'textdomain' with your plugin's textdomain. e.g. 'hello-dolly'.

wpml - Override a WordPress plugin translation file on ...

    Load the original translation file, which will in fact load all the untranslated strings of the override file. This works only with compiled mo file. You can only add to your override …

load_plugin_textdomain() Function WordPress Developer ...

    Loading the plugin translations should not be done during plugins_loaded action since that is too early and prevent other language related plugins from correctly hooking up with load_textdomain() function and doing whatever they want to do. Calling load_plugin_textdomain() should be delayed until init action.. add_action( 'init', 'wpdocs_load_textdomain' ); /** * Load plugin textdomain.

Function Reference/load plugin textdomain « WordPress Codex

    Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Function Reference/load plugin textdomain Languages : English • Deutsch • Italiano • ( Add your language )

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