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php - Override Plugin Function in WordPress - Stack Overflow

    You can do it by using add_filter() function. See wordpress stackexchange: Override plugin with functions.php. Just add the below code in theme's functions.php file. add_filter('sensei_start_course_form','MyCustomfilter',$priority = 10, $args = 1); function MyCustomfilter($course_id) { // Do your logics here }

How to override plugin functions? WordPress.org

    I’m aware of it, what I want to achieve is to add some custom functionality to the plugin but as far as I know, modifying the core files isn’t the best approach, so I would like to know if I can override functions from outside the core, in an external plugin.

Override Plugin Function in WordPress - ExceptionsHub

    Answers: You can do it by using add_filter () function. See wordpress stackexchange: Override plugin with functions.php. Just add the below code in theme’s functions.php file. add_filter ('sensei_start_course_form','MyCustomfilter',$priority = 10, $args = 1); function MyCustomfilter ($course_id) { // Do your logics here }

wordpress - Overriding plugin functions from a theme ...

    The easiest way to do this would be to use a Must Use Plugin. Create a folder called /wp-content/mu-plugins. Any PHP file in this directory will be loaded (they do not have to be activated) and will be executed before the activated plugins or your theme files (including functions.php). Use a file here to define the functions that you want to override from the plugin.

Override a plugin class function - WordPress Development ...

    I have something similar as here. In a third party plugin class we have a function that I want to override by extending that class. The original class function: class Import_Facebook_Events_Face...

Overriding WooCommerce (or any WordPress plugin) functions ...

    Overriding WooCommerce (or any WordPress plugin) functions: a semi-solution. Here’s a question I’ve spent the past few days dealing with based on an issue a client had. How can you override a function in the WooCommerce core? The simple and dismissive answer is, you can’t. I tried a lot of different possible solutions.

Override Plugin Function with Hooks WordPress.org

    Support » Developing with WordPress » Override Plugin Function with Hooks. Override Plugin Function with Hooks. kroenenprime (@kroenenprime) 9 months, 2 weeks ago. Hello there, Got some trouble and can’t figure out to fix despite a lot of hours spent.

The Right Way to Customize a WordPress Plugin – Ian Dunn

    Jan 10, 2014 · Those child plugins can also have special CSS loaded after the built-in CSS and a functions.php that is loaded before the parent plugin’s functions.php. Thus you can even override functions add action and filter hooks without putting them into the theme’s or the parent plugin…

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