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How do I override title and meta tags in WordPress ...

    The typical approach would be to make download.php a template, since otherwise it would not get the required WordPress support for get_header() and get_footer().

Is there a way to override the <title> tag specified in ...

    First one uses pre_get_document_title filter which short-circuits the title generation and hence more performant if you are not going make changes on current title: function custom_document_title( $title ) { return 'Here is the new title'; } add_filter ( 'pre_get_document_title', 'custom_document_title', 10 );

override yoast title WordPress.org

    You can use the developer filters of wpseo_title and wpseo_metadesc to modify the title and meta description. You can find more information on the available filters here and example usage of some of them here.

How to Override WordPress and Site URL

    Feb 28, 2019 · Are you looking for a way to override WordPress and site URL? While there’s probably a plugin for this, we have created a quick code snippet that you can use to override WordPress and site URL. This snippet lets you redefine two constants that makes it possible to work with production databases, locally.

How to Hide the Page Title in WordPress - 5 Easy Ways!

    Apr 03, 2018 · Put your mouse cursor exactly on the title; Right-click on it and select Inspect or Inspect Element – depends on the browser; Then a small window should appear, highlighting exactly your heading title (usually <h1>) and its class. As you can see, it has class="page-title", not class="entry-title", like the other pages.

wp_title() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    $title_array = array_reverse( $title_array ); $title = implode( " $sep ", $title_array ) . $prefix; } else { $title = $prefix . implode( " $sep ", $title_array ); } /** * Filters the text of the page title.

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