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Is it possible to query from external database ...

    You can use wpdb to setup a new connection. Add something similar to this below in your functions.php and you can then query just like you would normally but using the new connection. $second_db = new wpdb (DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, $database_name, DB_HOST); $results = $second_db->get_results ($your_query); references:

WordPress: How To Use WPDB Class To Connect & Fetch Data ...

    Querying for Data Using WPDB. If you have used the wordpress global variable $wpdb before, querying for data is nothing different from what you’ve done previously. Now, here’s the trick. You have to instantiate a new WPDB instance 🙂. $mydb= new wpdb ('user','pass','mydb','localhost'); $rows = $mydb->get_results ("select columnName from tableName"); foreach ($rows as …

Loading WordPress content from the database - Toolset

    Sep 17, 2020 · Since this is a complex topic, we suggest reading the following official WordPress documentation: WP_Query function; get_post function; get_post_meta function; Loading WordPress content from the database and displaying it anywhere in your site affords powerful possibilities. However, non-programmers will likely not find it easy to use.

WordPress - How to Connect Another Database - YouTube

    Sep 15, 2016 · WordPress has a built-in wpdb class for handling database connections and also to interact with the database. The wpdb class is very flexible. You can use the wpdb class to connect another...Author: Artisans Web

Wordpress Tutorial: How to display data from the database ...

    Jan 29, 2015 · In this tutorial you will see how to get data from the database and display them as a table that you can place anywhere on your Wordpress site. This is done ...Author: alterora

wpdb::query() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    Retrieves one variable from the database. wp-includes/wp-db.php: wpdb::get_row() Retrieves one row from the database. wp-includes/wp-db.php: wpdb::get_col() Retrieves one column from the database. wp-includes/…

How do I run a mysql query in wordpress? - Stack Overflow

    That article talks about making a plugin. I don't want to make a plugin just add some lines of code that will make the result appear on a page or post. I use the plugin Allow PHP in Post and Pages to add the php query code into. Is there another/easier way? – user3030176 Nov 25 '13 at 6:16

External Login – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    function myExlogRolesMapper($roles, $username, $userData) { // Uses the data provided to the plugin to create the database object and data required for a query $db_data = exlog_get_external_db_instance_and_fields(); // Start building a query to fetch the user // This is the start of the query that you may want to use if you require additional data from your …

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