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WordPress Connect & Query Blog Posts From A Different ...

    Jun 20, 2016 · WordPress Connect & Query Blog Posts From A Different WordPress Database Last week I was building a WooCommerce store for a customer on top of his existing WordPress website. The client already has an existing, high traffic WordPress website so in order to keep the install clean we decided to do a separate install of WordPress on the /shop ...

Transfer wordpress posts from one database to the other ...

    Get yourself onto your server bash console and log in on your database : > use my_wordpress_base; Let’s assume you have a post_type named : testimonial. and you wish to transfer all of these posts inside another database named other_wordpress_base. When you list all of your tables you will see the obvious entry here : wp_posts

How does Wordpress link posts to categories in its database?

    But it should be noted that the wordpress database might change at any time, and you should use the Wordpress provided mechanisms (such as query_posts) to filter posts from the database. Share Improve this answer

How To Get Some Data From WordPress Database Using ...

    I found the solution and the correct query to fetch one data from WordPress database is below one. global $wpdb; $findID = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID FROM wp_posts WHERE post_name ='hello-world'"); echo $findID[0]->ID;

How to recover all your posts from a WordPress database ...

    Marco Fioretti shares a tip on how to retrieve WordPress posts by querying the MySQL database. A while ago a friend of mine set up an Italian blog with WordPress, with me and other friends as co ...

How to Migrate from a Custom Database Design into WordPress

    When you visit the page of a single item, WordPress will query the correct row from the database and load all its fields. All you need to do is design the template for each ‘content type’. Toolset allows you to design templates in different ways. You can design templates with HTML code or using a page builder.

database - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

    $wpdb2 = new wpdb('dbuser', 'dbpassword', 'dbname', 'dbhost'); // get 10 posts, assuming the other WordPress db table prefix is "wp_" $query = "SELECT post_title, guid FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status ='publish' AND post_type ='post' ORDER BY post_date DESC LIMIT 10"; $someposts = $wpdb2->get_results($query, OBJECT); foreach($someposts as $somepost) echo "<a …

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