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categories - How do I query_posts in cat=1 AND not in cat ...

    First, never use query_posts, use WP_Query for additional queries, or pre_get_posts to alter the main query. Refer to WP_Query in Codex for a complete list of available arguments. You want to use category__not_in in this case: $args = array( 'category__in' => array(1), 'category__not_in' => array(2) ); $query = new WP_Query( $args );

php - wordpress - category__not_in not working - Stack ...

    Why are you using both WP_Query() and query_posts()? You shouldn't be using query_posts(). You should also be using 'category__not_in' => array( 44 ),. There's nothing wrong with the query, otherwise. Make sure you're using the proper category ID. – rnevius Mar 23 '16 at 12:36

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    Display all posts except those from a category by prefixing its id with a ‘-‘ (minus) sign. $query = new WP_Query( array( 'cat' => '-12,-34,-56' ) ); Display posts that are in multiple categories. This shows posts that are in both categories 2 and 6: $query = new WP_Query( array( 'category__and' => array( 2, 6 …

Display Posts From Specific Category On A WordPress Page ...

    May 29, 2020 · Create Page Template In WordPress. Our goal is to display posts by the category on a page. Obviously, you need to write a code for it. Create a file template-category.php in your active theme’s directory and add the below comment at the top of a file.. template-category.php

Displaying Posts Using a Custom Select Query - WordPress

    Description. At some point in your WordPress development career you may be presented with the need to display one or more posts using SELECT criteria not provided by WordPress' query_posts architecture. For instance, it may become necessary to JOIN WordPress tables to determine which posts should be displayed, or you may want to use data stored in your own tables to determine which posts ...

category_exists() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Check whether a category exists.

Ultimate Guide to meta_query of WordPress WP_Query

    NOT REGEXP (WordPress >= 3.7) – Similar to REGEXP but meta values must not match your given regular expression; RLIKE (WordPress >= 3.7) – it is the synonym to REGEXP; How to Use "compare => between" for Dates in meta_query. You can also use meta_query to check if a custom field is between two dates.. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that your date format …

category_description() Function WordPress Developer ...

    If no category given and used on a category page, it returns the description of the current category. <div><?php echo category_description(3); ?></div> Result: WordPress is a favorite blogging tool of mine and I share tips and tricks for using WordPress here. Note: …

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