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Wordpress return 404 when using query_posts with pagination

    I'm using a simple loop with query_posts on my category template, with a custom function for pagination. First page works great, but when I to reach next page (/page/2) using the next button, I …

custom post types - Pagination throws 404 - WordPress ...

    Change predefined posts_per_page to minimum value in wordpress settings or add code below to functions.php. Wordpress using default parameter. For example: 10. And if your settings in query_posts or WP_Query look like "posts_per_page=>2" and number of posts in custom post type less then 10, after clicking to /page/2/ you will redirected to page 404.

Pagination getting 404 error – custom post type - WordPress

    Other than paginate_links(), all pagination template tags operate on the query used to get visitors the page — the “main query”. They are unaware of any query object you instantiate on your template, regardless of what args you supply to the query.

Wordpress: Category with post type pagination returns 404 ...

    Wordpress: Category with post type pagination returns 404Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaarWith thanks & praise to...

is_404() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    wp-includes/class-wp.php: WP::handle_404() Set the Headers for 404, if nothing is found for requested URL. wp-includes/query.php: wp_old_slug_redirect() Redirect old slugs to the …

404 error with pagination on custom ... - WordPress Trac

    If a query with a custom 'posts_per_page' is made in a specific taxonomy template say taxonmy-portfolio_categories.php. Assume qualified posts number is 28, $posts_per_page is 6 (thus 5 pages in total), and the option value of "Blog pages show at most" is 10, a 404 error will be returned when trying to access the 4th page or 5th page. This only occurs with querys on custom post types or custom taxonomies, not found with querys on build-in post …

Pagination « WordPress Codex

    Sometimes pagination will break and give unexpected results, redirecting you to the wrong page or giving you a 404 error for the "paged" pages. This is usually due to your theme incorrectly altering (querying) the main loop .

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