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Wordpress query_posts order by date when excluding a ...

    Wordpress query_posts order by date when excluding a category. Ask Question ... Viewed 7k times 0. I want to exclude a category and order the results by date with query_posts while preserving existing query parameters and order the results by date. According to the Wordpress documentation I should add (or over-ride) parameters in the following ...

WP Query Sort by meta value (date) - WordPress Development ...

    I have the following code where I want to sort by meta key "event_date" and only display posts after todays date and 3 weeks ahead. Somehow nothing happens, even when I'm stripping down the WP Query to just post type and order, nothing gets printed ud, the scripts just dies where the code is inserted.

How to Sort WordPress Posts by Modified Date Bala Krishna

    Apr 23, 2011 · There is easy way to sort Word Press posts by post modified date and time. You may need this to show posts that have recently updated or some other reason to sort this way. Word Press provide query_posts function to change order of blog posts in several ways. This function support lot of parameter to customize posts listing.

functions - Sort posts by Date (DESC) and by Title (ASC ...

    Now, I want to sort the posts alphabetically by title (ascending), but also by date (descending). Like this example: AUDI A1 Ambition 1.4 (posted in 01/01/17) AUDI A1 Ambition 1.4 (posted in 01/01/16) AUDI A1 Ambition 1.4 (posted in 01/01/15) BMW 120i Active Flex 2.0 (posted in 01/01/17) BMW 120i Active Flex 2.0 (posted in 01/01/16)

Post Order By Category – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    When editing or updating a category from the WordPress dashboard (click on posts => categories => edit), a dropdown to select options will appear after the category description. The options are “Oldest” (show posts by date ascending or the so called chronological order) or “Newest” (show posts by date ascending or the WordPress way).

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    The ‘type’ DATE works with the ‘compare’ value BETWEEN only if the date is stored at the format YYYY-MM-DD and tested with this format. Important Note: meta_query takes an array of meta query arguments arrays (it takes an array of arrays) – you can see this in the examples below.

3 Ways to Re-Order WordPress Blog Posts

    Jun 08, 2020 · The simplest (and most instinctive) way to re-order WordPress blog posts on the front-end is to change the post dates by hand. Start off by logging into your WordPress site’s admin panel and navigating to Posts > All Posts.

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