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Creating Custom Quicktags (2.8 and higher)

    Apr 28, 2009 · Update: In WordPress 2.8, the quicktags.js is compressed and is not easily readable. There is a second file named quicktags.dev.js which is the uncompressed version. Rename quicktags.dev.js to quicktags.js (first you will have to rename the compressed quicktags.js). …

Quicktags docs recommend code causing JS ... - WordPress Trac

    Right now the docs for qt.addbutton in quicktags.dev.js have the following text: * If you are echoing JS directly from PHP, * use add_action ('admin_print_footer_scripts', 'output_my_js', 100) or add_action ('wp_footer', 'output_my_js', 100)

Add quicktag buttons to the HTML editor - WordPress ...

    See the following in wp-includes/js/quicktags.dev.js /** * Main API function for adding a button to Quicktags * * Adds qt.Button or qt.TagButton depending on the args. The first three args are always required. * To be able to add button (s) to Quicktags, your script should be enqueued as dependent * on "quicktags" and outputted in the footer.

Edit your WordPress QuickTags the right way ...

    Nov 06, 2010 · Go into the /wp-includes/js folder and find quicktags.dev.js. Copy it to your template folder (or any subfolder) and rename it quicktags.js. Edit the file. The code has some localization in it which we’re about to break, so search for quicktagsL10n and replace every instance with an appropriate, quoted string.

Use quicktags toolbar on any textarea - WordPress ...

    WordPress Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for WordPress developers and administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Customize WordPress HTML Editor With Custom Quicktag ...

    Open quicktags.js located in wp-includes/js/ directory of your WordPress installation. You’ll also find another file named quicktags.dev.js, which is the uncompressed version of ‘quicktags.js,’ in the same directory. If you are having trouble reading the file content, duplicate quicktags.dev.js and rename it to quicktags.js and then edit.

Add/Remove Buttons from WordPress Write Panel Digging ...

    Feb 03, 2017 · But remember in WordPress 2.8, this quicktags.js file is now compressed so it cannot be easily altered to include these new buttons like it used to. Thankfully they left a non-compressed version of the file in there as well, called quicktags.dev.js.

#16695 (quicktags needs some refactoring) – WordPress Trac

    If I remove the arg2 check in quicktags.dev.js (line 340), then the NP button works perfectly. I can upload a patch if needed, I'm just not sure if the problem can …

Add TinyMCE and Quicktags visual editors to WordPress ...

    WordPress comment-reply.js code does just that when you click on reply/cancel reply link on threaded comments powered WordPress site. In this article, besides showing you how to add visual editor to your comments textarea, I'll present two ways to modify comment-reply.js source code to remove TinyMCE before moving comments form in DOM.

jQuery is not defined after updating to WordPress 5.6 ...

    jquery.min.js is only added if jquery.js is already in the exclusion list. if the site worked without excluding the wordpress core native jquery.js, it should work without excluding the wordpress core native jquery.min.js as well. Lucas Balzer (@lbalzer) 2 months ago. Thanks for your quick reply. I’m sorry — that post was a lot of info to ...

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