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_x() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    _x (string $text, string $context, string $domain ='default') Retrieve translated string with gettext context.

esc_html_x() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    esc_html_x (string $text, string $context, string $domain ='default') Translate string with gettext context, and escapes it for safe use in HTML output.

Functions WordPress Developer Resources

    Code Reference archive for WordPress functions. Function: Add post meta data defined in $_POST superglobal for post with given ID.

Function Reference 2.0.x « WordPress Codex

    Function Reference 2.0.x Note: This page applies to versions of WordPress prior to WordPress 2.1, and is also incomplete. The current WordPress function reference is at Function Reference .

WordPress Functions List For Custom Theme Development

    WordPress Functions List - When designing WordPress themes, you can add common set of functions to speed up the development process. We have gathered 14 of the commonly used functions so that you don’t have to hunt them individually

Functions Page 2 WordPress Developer Resources

    Function: Adds a rewrite rule that transforms a URL structure to a set of query vars.

Function Reference « WordPress Codex

    The files of WordPress define many useful PHP functions. Some of the functions, known as Template Tags, are defined especially for use in WordPress Themes.There are also some functions related to actions and filters (the Plugin API), which are therefore used primarily for developing Plugins.The rest are used to create the core WordPress functionality.

wpautop() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    If you have problems with wpautop adding paragraphs where you don’t want them, you can disable it in the content of your pages by adding the following to your child theme’s functions.php file: // Stop WP adding extra <p> </p> to your pages' …

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