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XML Parsing Error WordPress.org

    Hi, after update to version 4.0.11 am getting this error message on the sitemap.xml page: XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of…

sitemap.xml with XML Parsing Error WordPress.org

    I registered some days ago that there is a Problem with Google XML Sitemaps Plugin on my page while loading sitemap.xml. I got following failure, but was until now unable to fix this (1. Deactivate plugin. 2. Remove and install plugin again 3. deactivate specific .htaccess and WP hardening options) Google XML Sitemaps Plugin Version: 4.0.9

XML Parsing Error in Sitemap WordPress-How to Solve this ...

    May 06, 2020 · Have you ever got this message ” XML Parsing Error in Sitemap ” while checking your XML sitemap in WordPress? then this is not good news for you I will tell you why this is not good for your site. Sitemap or XML sitemaps plays a key role while ranking your website.

XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of ...

    Wordpress “XML Parsing Error” on Website on feed and sitemap url. Hot Network Questions When trying to fry onions, the edges burn instead of the onions frying up Morse Translator in Python 2 black and 2 white wires, but one black & one …

XML Parsing Error WordPress.org

    [This thread is closed.] I’ve been using the plugin for four years. I’m running WP 4.9.2 on GoDaddy Linux hosting with v5.4 PHP. The RSS…

Fix WordPress Feed XML Parsing Errors: Delete Blank Lines

    May 24, 2020 · Basically this error arises if there is a whitespace before an XML declaration (<?xml... ?>) appears in your feed. The blank line error means that the code has blank lines in it, which can be easily introduced in the WordPress php code by a plugin, theme, or any configuration file.

How to Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors - WPBeginner

    Oct 03, 2019 · Most common WordPress RSS feed errors are caused by poor formatting. WordPress outputs RSS feeds in XML which is a strict markup language. A missing line break or an extra tab can break your RSS feed. The RSS error message will look something like this:

WordPress RSS Feed Fix: XML Parsing Error – Globinch

    Wordpress Tips 22 Comments The other day I encountered “ XML Parsing Error: XML or Text Declaration Not at Start of Entity ” error when I accessed Globinch blog RSS Feed. Till the previous day everything was OK. Because of this error Globinch Feedburner feed got problems and was not delivering the daily updates to the readers.

HowTo: Fix XML Parsing Error: Not Well-Formed Sitemap.xml ...

    Sep 10, 2015 · Step-by-step instructions on how to fix the XML parsing error: not well-formed for WordPress sitemap.xml.

Sitemap: XML Parsing error WordPress.org

    For this client, I always make a few small customizations to the AIOSP sitemap-xml.php. For some reason after the latest update, that customization no longer works. It doesn’t matter, I conferred with my client, and the customization was not that important after all, so I removed it.

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