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php - XMLRPC Delete Wordpress Post with wp.deletePost ...

    It actually is what it says it is...there is no such method on xmlrpc server, because wp doesn't allow to delete posts by itself... But in the xmlrpc there is a method for blogger api called blogger.deletePost.It should do what you want.

wp_delete_post() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function wp_delete_post( $postid = 0, $force_delete = false ) { global $wpdb; $post = $wpdb->get_row( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT * FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE ID = %d", $postid ) ); if ( ! $post ) { return $post; } $post = get_post( $post ); if ( ! $force_delete && ( 'post' === $post->post_type 'page' === $post->post_type ) && 'trash' !== get_post_status( $postid ) && EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS ) { return …

Methods — python-wordpress-xmlrpc 2.3 documentation

    EditPost (post_id, content) ¶ Edit an existing blog post. Parameters: post_id: ID of the blog post to edit. content: A WordPressPost instance with the new values for the blog post. Returns: True on successful edit. class wordpress_xmlrpc.methods.posts.DeletePost (post_id) ¶ Delete a blog post. Parameters: post_id: ID of the blog post to delete.

What Is xmlrpc.php in WordPress and Why You Should Disable It

    Jun 17, 2020 · This connection was done through XML-RPC. With the basic framework of XML-RPC in place, early apps used this same connection to allow people to log in to their WordPress sites from other devices. XML-RPC Nowadays. In 2008, with version 2.6 of WordPress, there was an option to enable or disable XML-RPC.

get_delete_post_link() Function WordPress Developer ...

    function get_delete_post_link( $id = 0, $deprecated = '', $force_delete = false ) { if ( ! empty( $deprecated ) ) { _deprecated_argument( __FUNCTION__, '3.0.0' ); } $post = get_post( $id ); if ( ! $post ) { return; } $post_type_object = get_post_type_object( $post->post_type ); if ( ! $post_type_object ) { return; } if ( ! current_user_can( 'delete_post', $post->ID ) ) { return; } $action = ( $force_delete !

A Complete Guide on xmlrpc.php in WordPress (And How to ...

    Dec 24, 2020 · If you used the WordPress mobile app before version 3.5, you may recall having to enable XML-RPC on your site for the app to be able to post content. This was because the app wasn’t running WordPress itself; instead, it was a separate app communicating with your WordPress …

How to Enable and Disable XMLRPC.PHP in WordPress and Why ...

    After installing and activating the plugin, a new feature will appear in the left side of your WordPress admin panel called, “XML-RPC Settings.” Click this link to open the plugin. Check the box to “Disable XML-RPC” if you want to remove the remote access abilities of WordPress.

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