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How do I import old posts to wordpress? « Xanga Help

    I've logged on in the last 5 years and I have 3 followers... and my blog is nonexistent. If I can't get my posts back from ten years ago, I'm REALLY gonna be pissed. F. paying for this, I'll import everything onto wordpress... if I can figure out how.... some instructions would be good since I'm only familiar using Xanga and not Wordpress...

Importing Content WordPress.org

    WordPress includes an import tool designed specifically for importing content from Movable Type and TypePad. In your WordPress site, select Tools > Import on the left nav of the admin screen. Under “Movable Type and TypePad,” if you haven’t already installed the importer, click “Install Now.” Click the “Run Importer” link.

How to export xanga posts to wordpress thanksmoo

    Jun 11, 2013 · 7. Download and install the Xanga Importer for WordPress http://wordpress.org/plugins/xanga-importer/ 7a. download the zip file, and go to the “install plugins” page http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/plugin-install.php and select the option to upload a plugin. 7b. upload the zip file, and activate it. 8. Import your xanga posts!

#2665 (Xanga Archive Importer) – WordPress Trac

    I tweaked the livejournal importer around to get it to read in Xanga archives. Seems to work fine for the files I have access to. Only thing is that since there are no titles in the files I have, I used the date and time for the wordpress titles. Xanga has added in titles since the archive files I have so I have no way to test that part of it out.

Importing Content « WordPress Codex

    Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Importing Content Languages : English • Español • 日本語 Português do Brasil • 中文(简体) • ( Add your language )

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