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WordPress vs. XSitePro – Which is Best? Marketing Rebel ...

    by The Marketing Rebel Team Lessons, WordPress vs. XSitePro - Which is Best? Overview: This article goes through a basic set-up of a WordPress Blog. We’ll be giving you additional WordPress ideas regularly here at the MRIC. I have to admit, I’m a rebel of a different sort. Yes – I’m part of the band of “marketing rebels” and all ...

Which one is better using XSitePro or Wordpress ...

    May 03, 2010 · Use wordpress if you have a strong hosting, because WP is very, very heavy for hosting. You need PHP and MySQL on your hosting. Such hostings are usually more exprnsive. Use XsitePro if you want simple, light sites without MySQL and other heavy staff. Also you can use Dreamweaver, Nano CMS, Joomla, and other staff to make your websites.

Migrating Your XSitePro to WordPress Is Now Easier than ...

    As you must be familiar, wordpress is one of the best content management system to maintain your website and make it highly interactive, we are here ready to migrate your website from XSitePro to WordPress. Using WordPress is easy but migrating it from XSitePro could be tedious. We are here to migrate it in a perfect way with minimum time and cost.

XsitePro Template and Software Review Blog

    June 23, 2011. Xsitepro vs. WordPress Templates and Review. Which is better to use to build website, Xsitepro or WordPress? Just like you I ask this and search on google the “xsitepro vs, wordpress” phrases to know the difference of this two. We want to have a website that is professionally look and can be on top of search engine results.

change website from xsitepro to wordpress? BlackHatWorld

    Feb 26, 2011 · - go into phpmyadmin and copy and paste all the data from the xsitepro tables into the wordpress dashboard backend into the appropriate places - once you have your pages set up in wordpress, change the permalinks to match the old xsitepro pages and that should solve your SEO concern. Hope this helps.

XSitePro to WordPress Migration Path? Warrior Forum ...

    I've got an XSitePro website live that I want to move it to wordpress 2.82. I'm getting stuck. Because I have my live XSitePro site at the root of my domain, I installed wordpress into a subdirectory /wp so it doesn't interfere with my live site. Later I want to delete my Xsitepro site from the root, and move wordpress index.php to the root.

Switching from XSitePro Website To WordPress Blog ...

    May 17, 2012 · Switching from XSitePro Website To WordPress Blog. I built a website from xsitepro and then decided to switch it over to a wordpress blog using the same hosting, url etc. But when I go to view the blog in the dashboard of wordpress, I still see my old website I built from xsitepro.

xsite pro templates XSitePro 2 - XSitePro 2 XSitePro

    Sep 26, 2010 · Get XSitePro 2 and be totally independent and get professional looking websites that you are totally in control of. Not only will your websites LOOK professional, but with all the inbuilt SEO functions and tips that come with XSitePro you will get great looking websites to the top of the search engines in n time at all.


    In 2012, development of XSitePro came to an end.It was an exciting journey, but the rapid changes in browser technology and the increased popularity of the Mac over the PC meant it was no longer viable.

Xsite Pro vs Wordpress vs Dreamweaver? Yahoo Answers

    May 22, 2009 · Xsitepro: Builds websites easy, cons are that it's expensive and the sites all look the same. I'm not that concerned about the latter. Wordpress: Great for seo and has great plugins and it's free, but its hard to customize. I'm a newbie so I'd have to learn code rather well to make wordpress blogs look like websites.

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