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Zenphoto Wordpress Tools Extensions ZenphotoCMS - The ...

    At the moment a very basic WordPress plugin allowing you to insert a user defined number of latest thumbnails from your Zenphoto gallery into a Wordpress template. To show your latest thumbnails just include <?php zenphotos ($max, $zen_extra_before, $zen_extra_after); ?> into your wordpress template where you want them to be seen.

Integrating Zenphoto into WordPress Tutorials User guide ...

    Integrating Zenphoto into WordPress Tutorials Nov 14, 2009 / Updated: Dec 29, 2014

Wordpress tools Extensions ZenphotoCMS - The simpler ...

    Various tools that help using Zenphoto with WordPress.

Integrating ZenPhoto into Wordpress - Einar Egilsson

    Make the files in the ZenPhoto theme basically do nothing but include zp-index, zp-image and zp-album from the current WordPress theme folder. This allows us to edit the theme using the WordPress theme editor. Add hooks in WordPress so the ZenPhoto stylesheet will be included in …

Integrating zenphoto into WordPress – Steffen Rusitschka ...

    If you have a blog based on WordPress and you want to integrate zenphoto into that, you do that by creating a zenphoto theme that is based on your WordPress theme. I did that with my gallery and here’s a description on how I did that. In the zenphoto installation directory, there’s a themes folder.

ZenphotoCMS - The simpler media website CMS

    ZenphotoCMS is a CMS for selfhosted, gallery focused websites. Our focus lies on being easy to use and having all the features there when you need them (but out of the way if you do not).

Integration with existing sites and other CMS User guide ...

    For Wordpress specifially there are some third party Wordpress tools available. Or maybe you want to run your entire site with Zenphoto using the CMS plugin Zenpage. Zenphoto as a "plugin" This is a more advanced way to achieve that.

Zenphoto Demo Site » Try Zenphoto without installing it

    Zenphoto CMS is a standalone CMS for multimedia focused websites, designed to be particularly easy to use while providing all the features you might need to manage your website. It offers great support for images, audio and video files and was created with a specific audience in mind of business professionals.

Screenshots ZenphotoCMS - The simpler media website CMS

    Screenshots Here are some collected screenshots to give you an impression how the admin backend of Zenphoto and its CMS plugin Zenpage look and work as well as video tutorials done by various 3rd parties in several languages.. Additionally we kept screenshots of older zenphoto.org websites and older Zenphoto admin backends for "historical purposes".

Working with albums and images User guide ZenphotoCMS ...

    Zenphoto is file system based and unique in that it scales relatively well due to its simple design. The speed of the gallery is dependent on a few minor things, namely the number of images in any given album. Zenphoto should be able to handle any number of images in the entire gallery.

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